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Rectal prolapse occurs when your rectum slips out of normal alignment and falls through your anus. If you have a rectal prolapse, especially if you’re experiencing symptoms, such as fecal incontinence, you can expect comprehensive care at the office of Jules Garbus MD PC, located in Forest Hills, Queens and Garden City, New York. Book your rectal prolapse exam directly through the website, or call the clinic nearest you to schedule over the phone.

Rectal Prolapse Q & A

What are the symptoms of rectal prolapse?

Rectal prolapse symptoms can begin as minor issues, but as the condition progresses, your symptoms may worsen and become more frequent. Having rectal prolapse is known for causing:

  • A reddish bulge on the outside of your anus
  • Pain in your anus and rectum
  • Rectal bleeding
  • Fecal incontinence

In early stages, you may only experience symptoms during and after bowel movements. But symptoms can start occurring spontaneously and can cause your rectum to extend out of your anal canal at any time. 

Why do I have rectal prolapse?

The reason you have rectal prolapse issues is likely linked to several different factors. For instance, it’s common to develop rectal prolapse if you suffer from chronic constipation and regularly have to strain while going to the bathroom. Your rectal prolapse may also be linked to:

  • Weak anal sphincter
  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Nerve damage
  • Hysterectomy 
  • Pelvic injury
  • Older age
  • Giving birth 

Your risk of suffering from rectal prolapse further increases if you have chronic health conditions, such as diabetes or cystic fibrosis. No matter what’s causing your rectal prolapse, rest assured, you can receive quality diagnostic and treatment care at the office of Jules Garbus MD PC. 

What is the treatment for rectal prolapse?

Dr. Garbus performs a comprehensive anorectal exam, evaluates your personal and family medical history, and talks with you about your symptoms. He may recommend a videodefecogram or anorectal manometry to test your muscle and reflex functions. 

After diagnosing you, Dr. Garbus counsels you about proper treatment solutions. In most cases, correct rectal prolapse involves surgery. 

Rectal prolapse surgery can involve reattaching and resectioning your rectum. But in severe cases, Dr. Garbum may need to remove the extended part of your anus or inner lining of your fallen rectum. 

As a board-certified colorectal surgeon, Dr. Garbus specializes in the most advanced rectal prolapse procedures. He even provides robotic rectal prolapse correction with the da Vinci® platform in many cases, so you can experience a faster recovery with a minimally invasive surgery. 

You can undergo expert diagnostic and treatment solutions for rectal prolapse at the office of Jules Garbus MD PC. Book your examination online or over the phone today.