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A colonoscopy is an in-depth examination of your large bowel and the distal (lower part) of your small intestine. Because a colonoscopy is essential for diagnosing intestinal disorders and even screening for colon cancer, you can undergo a highly advanced colonoscopy procedure at the practice of Jules Garbus MD PC in Forest Hills, Queens and Garden City, New York. If you’re experiencing bowel issues and think you may need a colonoscopy, or if you’d like a second opinion, contact the office nearest you today. You can conveniently schedule through the website or over the phone.

Colonoscopy Q & A

Why do I need a colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy is one of the most beneficial diagnostic tools for evaluating your bowel health. You may need a colonoscopy if you have:

  • Chronic abdominal pain
  • Blood in your stool
  • Chronic constipation or diarrhea
  • A history of polyps 

Colonoscopies are also essential for diagnosing or even ruling out colon cancer. If you’re experiencing symptoms of colon cancer, such as unexplained weight loss or rectal bleeding, a colonoscopy is a common diagnostic tool.

Though anyone experiencing these symptoms may need a colonoscopy, you may also need one as a preventive screening if you’re over the age of 45. You might need to start getting colonoscopies even earlier if you have a personal or family history of colon cancer. 

What happens during a colonoscopy?

When you come in to the office of Jules Garbus MD PC for a colonoscopy evaluation, Dr. Garbus spends time getting to understand your personal and family medical history. He also examines you and talks with you about any symptoms you may be experiencing. 

On the day of your colonoscopy, you can expect to be cared for in a comfortable environment. During the procedure, you will be given a light sedation to help you relax and minimize discomfort.

The colonoscopy procedure requires you to lie down on your side with your knees bent up toward your chest. Dr. Garbus inserts the very thin scope into your rectum. As Dr. Garbus moves the scope into your colon, he’s able to fill the area with air or carbon dioxide to expand your colon for clearer viewing. 

Throughout the entire painless procedure, which takes about 30 minutes, Dr. Garbus views your colon on a monitor and if needed, inserts surgical tools through the tube to take biopsies. You can have someone drive you home about an hour after your procedure. 

How do I prepare for a colonoscopy?

Preparing for a colonoscopy involves completely clearing out your bowels, since any residue left behind may block the view of parts of your colon. Dr. Garbus provides you with a detailed diet plan that you need to start the day before your colonoscopy (bowel prep).

During this time, you’re going to be limited to consuming only clear liquids, such as broth, black coffee, and carbonated beverages. Dr. Garbus is also likely going to recommend taking a liquid or pill laxative to help empty out your bowels.  

Lastly, it’s important to avoid certain medications before your colonoscopy. Dr. Garbus goes over your prescription and over-the-counter medications with you and lets you know which drugs you may need to stop taking, and when. 

You can undergo an advanced colonoscopy procedure at the office of Jules Garbus MD PC. Find out more by booking an examination online or over the phone with either office.