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In a given year, doctors diagnose an estimated 140,250 cases of colorectal cancer. Because colon cancer doesn’t always cause obvious symptoms, you can undergo comprehensive diagnostic and second opinion evaluations at the practice of Jules Garbus MD PC in Forest Hills, Queens and Garden City, New York. If you have a history of colon cancer or are experiencing abnormal changes in your bowel habits, book an exam online today. You can also call the clinic nearest you to schedule over the phone.

Colon Cancer Q & A

Does colon cancer cause symptoms?

In the early stages, colon cancer doesn’t typically cause any noticeable symptoms. As the cancer spreads or grows throughout your large intestine, you might start experiencing some issues. Colon cancer can lead to:

  • Unplanned weight loss
  • Blood in your stools 
  • Chronic fatigue or weakness
  • Ongoing issues with diarrhea or constipation

You might also feel like you can’t completely empty your bowels, even if you recently relieved yourself. 

What causes colon cancer?

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms or have a personal or family history of colon cancer, it’s important to come in to the office of Jules Garbus MD PC for a comprehensive evaluation, imaging, and possibly a colonoscopy. Though the exact cause of colon cancer isn’t always known, Dr. Garbus finds that several factors increase your risk, including:

  • Chronic inflammatory bowel conditions, including Crohn’s disease
  • Older age, particularly being over 50
  • Heavy alcohol consumption 
  • Inherited gene mutations
  • History of polyps
  • Smoking 

Colon cancer is also often linked to being overweight and having a sedentary lifestyle. No matter the cause, Dr. Garbus, who’s a board-certified colorectal surgeon, talks with you about your diagnosis and helps you determine which colon cancer treatment may be best for you. 

How is colon cancer treated? 

Treatment for colon cancer depends on your particular diagnosis, including the stage and location of your cancer. For early stage colon cancer, Dr. Garbus may recommend a polypectomy, or removal of polyps during a colonoscopy; or an endoscopic mucosal resection, where he removes polyps and part of your inner colon lining.  

If you have advanced colon cancer, Dr. Garbus may recommend removing part of your colon and some surrounding tissue, then reconnecting the healthy sections. This is known as a partial colectomy. Dr. Garbus can also create new outlets for waste to move out of your body and remove lymph nodes if needed.

Rest assured, with a highly skilled and compassionate physician like Dr. Garbus on your side, you can expect personalized care throughout your colon cancer treatment process. Dr. Garbus is available to answer all of your questions and support you throughout your journey.

Book your colon cancer screening and evaluation at the office of Jules Garbus MD PC today. You can conveniently schedule online or over the phone with either office.